Girl fails to pay $11.50 fare and leaves cabby with broken bag full of rubbish

The life of a cabby is hard.

Long hours, competition from Uber and GrabCar drivers -- and customers who fail to pay their fare.

Stomper Danny was the victim of such an incident when a girl he picked up along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 failed to pay her fare to Block 459 Yishun Avenue 11 on April 23.

Said the Stomper:

"When I reached her destination the fare was $11.50.

"She said she needed to go upstairs to take money to pay for the fare.

"Afraid that she might run away, I ask her to leave her particulars or handphone number but she didn't want to and instead offered to leave her small bag behind.

"After waited for about 20 minutes, she did not return.

"I took a closer look at the bag and found that it was a broken bag with rubbish in it.

"There was also a crushed ATM transaction slip from Republic Polytechnic inside."

Danny made a police report so that he could submit it to his company to claim back the lost fare.

He sent a copy of the report to Stomp for reference.

However, his main concern is to warn other taxi drivers out there to be careful.