Get your tissues ready: See how Mr S. R. Nathan gets a surprise in 'presidential prank'

Everyone knows& Mr S.R. Nathan as the former President of Singapore -- but he has also done so much more behind the scenes to alter the lives of everyday people.

He recently found himself at the centre of a prank carried out by The Hidden Good, a local social enterprise that aims to highlight the good in people.

A video of the prank shows an unsuspecting Mr S.R. Nathan thinking he was at an event to present an award to an outstanding Singaporean... which turned out to be himself.

At the award ceremony, a video presentation showed interviewees sharing how Mr S.R. Nathan had selflessly changed their lives for the better.

A spokesperson for The Hidden Good said:

"Today, we go beyond acknowledging him for his accomplishments. We appreciate him for not only what he has done for Singapore, but for who he is, the contributions he has made to people and the lives that he has touched. 

"Sometimes, the smallest gesture to you can make a huge difference for someone else. Never underestimate the power of kindness."

Check out the prank and Mr S.R. Nathan's response in the video below.

The Hidden Good is a social enterprise that was started in 2014 as a response to the increasing negativity online.

The Hidden Good conducts social experiments and hold events and activations which aim to highlight the good in the people of Singapore.

It also collaborates with schools to give assembly talks and conduct workshops to provide students with a platform to explore different social issues and how they can contribute back to the society.

Find out more about The Hidden Good on Facebook and YouTube.