Driver charged $285 for parking for 1 hour at Simpang Bedok on CNY's Eve uses another exit -- and it only costs him $2.40

A driver was shocked when he discovered that his parking fee came up to a whopping $285 for an hour at Simpang Bedok Food Centre on the eve of Chinese New Year (Feb 7).

According to a post on's Facebook page, the driver named Syed then decided to take a photo of the bill shocker and immediately backed up his vehicle.

He then proceeded to another exit and was only charged $2.40 there.

This is not the first time such bill shockers have made headlines.

In January, Stomper Viceroy shared about how he was charged $3,513.50 for parking his vehicle for less than 30 minutes at Bukit Batok Industrial park.

Another Stomper shared how he was charged $116 for parking his vehicle at a Jurong East carpark. Similarly another driver, Stomper Anthony was also puzzled after seeing '$990' displayed on car park gantry at Queen Street.

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