Cruel owner leaves dog in parked car at Vivocity carpark with no ventilation for over an hour

Stomper Charlene was horrified to come across a dog left alone in a parked car with closed windows and no ventilation at Vivocity's carpark last night (May 14).

The poor dog was showing signs of panting and Charlene and her boyfriend quickly alerted the mall's customer service to page for the owner.

Said the Stomper:

"I spotted a dog left alone in a Suzuki Swift, licence plate number SGG 7839G at 8.30pm at Vivocity's carpark at B1.

"The windows were fully closed with no ventilation.

"We alerted the customer service and they did a PA announcement at 8.50pm to page for the owner.

"I went down to check again at 9.30pm and the car was still there and the dog started  to show signs of panting.

"I went to get my boyfriend and when we went back at 9.50pm , the car was gone!

"The owner is very cruel to leave the pet alone in the car!

"SPCA has been alerted and I hope the owner will learn his or her lesson!

"Hopefully SPCA will send him or her a warning letter or fine for leaving the pet alone in the car with no ventilation!"