Auntie allegedly caught shoplifting at supermarket: Look how much groceries she stuffed in her clothes

A woman who was allegedly caught shoplifting at a supermarket was made to remove all the items she had taken from her clothes and pockets one by one.

Stomper Alicia forwarded a video of the incident to Stomp via WhatsApp and said her friend had sent it to her.

It is unclear where and when exactly this took place.

In the video, a female staff member can be seen shouting at the auntie to hand over the items she had taken.

The auntie had hidden the groceries, such as vegetables and several packets of meat, in her pockets and amongst her clothes.

As she removed each item, the employee can be heard repeatedly yelling, "There's more!' and "Here!"

Alicia said, "This ah ma die die want face. Loser wants to be winner."

Well, check out just how much the auntie had tried to get away with in the video below.