2 Chinese killed and 34 tourists injured in Phuket speedboat accident

Two Chinese tourists were killed during a speedboat collision on Wednesday (June 8), while 34 other tourists were injured from the incident.

According to The Bangkok Post, the two speedboats were carrying Chinese and South Korean tourists when they collided near the Hin Musang area at 11.45am on Wednesday. 

The speedboat named 'Chor Hongfa 20' had 26 tourists on board while the other speedboat named "Chollakit 856" had 36 tourists on board when the accident happened. The two people killed were a male and a female Chinese passenger on board the Chollakit.

The dead man was identified as Liang Grianfu, and the dead female was identified as Yan Yang.

The tourists that are being treated for their injuries are currently located at Vachira Phuket Hospital, Mission Phuket Hospital, and a hospital run by the provincial administration organisation of Phuket.

This is the second fatal accident related to boating involving tourists in less than a week.

The previous incident was on a Sunday (June 5), where 28 people were injured when the speedboat carrying them crashed into a container ship off the sea near Phuket around noon.

Two tourists were killed and 26 survivors were injured. Seven of those survivors were injured badly. All of them were sent to Phuket hospitals.

The two tourists that were killed in the previous incident were a man and a woman.