Upper Thomson resident complains of neighbours blocking access along road with inconsiderate parking

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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Parking at private estates is a contentious issue in Singapore, from residents 'chope-ing' lots to leaving notes on visitors' vehicles telling them to park elsewhere.

One resident in Upper Thomson shared with Stomp his own personal experience.

He told Stomp that some residents often park their cars on the street in front of their neighbours' houses instead of their own, causing difficulties for other residents who cannot park their cars on the opposite side of the road.

He mentioned that rubbish truck drivers and workers face challenges while trying to clear out the rubbish due to limited space.

"They park outside of the dustbin and way beyond the kerb causing obstruction," he said.

"Parking along the public roadside is fine but at least remove the trash bins before parking.

"This inconsiderate action has caused opposite lane residents to be unable to park along the roadside as other cars cannot pass.

"Most importantly, they cause obstruction to rubbish bins."