Up close and personal with 'Newt' and 'Minho' from Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

'Gladers' Minho and Newt are no strangers to those who have caught Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials or its prequel The Maze Runner.

In the films, athletic 'Runner' Minho is played by 28-year-old Korean-American heartthrob Ki Hong Lee while the shrewd and composed Newt is played by 25-year-old English actor Thomas Brodie-Sangster, who is easily recognisable from his roles in Love Actually and hit TV series Game of Thrones. 

I had the pleasure of speaking to both actors during the movie premiere in Seoul. Other than finding out more about their iconic roles in the Maze Runner trilogy, I also wanted to know more about their lives behind the scenes. 

Cinemas-goers who have seen the second installation of Maze Runner would have realised that it contains more thrilling action scenes as compared to its predecessor. 

The actors shared with me their experiences in filming the high-octane, fast moving scenes in Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials.

Brodie-Sangster revealed that it was more difficult filming some of the scenes for the second film. Embodying the traits of his character Minho, Lee said that members of the cast were all up to the task for the more intense scenes.

Other than the fast-paced sequences, fans who have seen Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials would also recognise a scene where the Gladers were suspended upside down from their feet. Personally I felt that scene was a hard one to watch as I started to picture how tough it must have been for the actors to actually be in that position. True enough, both of them admitted that having to film that scene was by no means easy.

Given the enormous success of The Maze Runner in 2014, I was also curious to find out whether life has been different for both artistes since its release.

For Brodie-Sangster, life surprisingly has not changed as much as one would expect. Lee however had a slightly more dramatic response. The Korean-American actor said he had a good time basking in the fame and attention brought to him by the film. He also dedicated a substantial amount of time talking about his fans; thanking and acknowledging them for their support. With a response like that, I guess it's not difficult to see why he has such a huge female fan base. 

Speaking of females, Ki Hong Lee married long-time girlfriend Hayoung Choi in March this year (sorry girls). Naturally, I had to ask how married life has been for the 28-year-old.

While Lee's marriage has received a fair amount of publicity, Brodie-Sangster's love life was a little more elusive. When I tried Googling his romantic life, purely for research purposes I have to add, I did not have any eureka moments.

When I queried about his love life, the London-born actor revealed that he makes the best out of simple pleasures when it comes to dating; nothing fancy or extravagant like some of his Hollywood counterparts.

My last question was reserved specially for Ki Hong Lee. For those who do not know, the actor was rated as one of the top five sexiest men alive by People magazine in 2014 alongside big names like Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, Jamie Dornan and Blake Shelton. Lee was quick to remind me that he was ranked number four when I mentioned the list. 

Being ranked one of the sexiest is a feat few celebrities can boast of. Given his charm and good looks however, it is not difficult to see why he is rated so highly. Having said that, there probably will be differing opinions among fans as to what exactly makes him so attractive. I decided to ask the man himself which part of his body he finds the sexiest. 

After bursting into laughter, Lee sportingly replied: "The sexiest part of my body would be my..."

I will just leave that hanging for now. Check out the full interview with the actors in the video below.