TransCab taxi bumps into motorcycle, sends it crashing down along BKE

Submitted by Stomper Koh

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A TransCab taxi collided with a motorcycle along the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) towards the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) today (Jul 24) at 7.30am.

Stomper Koh who was driving behind the two vehicles captured the entire sequence on his dashboard camera.

In the footage which Poh sent to Stomp, the cab on the leftmost filter lane could be seen inching closer to the motorcycle.

However, the cab driver continued to go closer, until the cab finally knocked into the motorbike, causing the rider to lose control.

The motorcyclist fell to the road with his vehicle.

Koh said that when he turned back, he saw that the cabby had alighted from his vehicle and was attending to the rider. 

Said Koh:

"I think the cabby was probably distracted.

"The motorcyclist wasn't even changing lane or in his blind spot, yet he still knocked into him."

Stomp has contacted the police for an official statement on the incident.