TikToker says Stomp article about women attacking him gives him nightmares: 'I'm unable to sleep'

TikToker Machaspize has reached out to Stomp.

He said the article about four women attacking him is giving him nightmares and he is unable to sleep.

On Dec 10, Stomp reported that a video of Machaspize, whose real name is Gabriel Joachim Perumal, being assaulted at King George's Avenue had gone viral.

In response to a Stomp query, the police confirmed that a report was lodged and said investigations are ongoing.

Stomp understands that the incident took place on Oct 2.

What led to the assault?

A day earlier, Machaspize made a police report seen by Stomp that one of the women "came to my house due to a dispute which came from someone else impersonating me on Telegram", he claimed.

"She did so as she wanted to confront me as she thought I was the one who messaged her," he said in the report.

"She knocked on the door and my mother opened the door. She then requested to speak to me and I went to the gate to do so. She then started accusing me of sending the said messages which I did not. This caused a heated argument between us.

"As such, my mum then showed her my phone to prove that I did not send any of the messages she was referring to. She then snatched the phone out of my mum's hand and threw it to the ground, causing it to crack and be unusable."

A day later, the incident that resulted in the viral video took place.

In the video, the woman asked Machaspize: "What my daughter do? My daughter just six years old. You post my daughter's picture. Is that nice?"

He explained to Stomp: "She posted a video of her and her daughter in hospital on TikTok. I put on Instagram Stories that this was what she deserved for harming me because she repetitively harassed me and my family at my home."

He was also berated in the video for mentioning the woman's dead father.

Machaspize told Stomp: "She talked about my mother in a Telegram group chat and kept harassing me at my home. So I asked, would her late father be happy with her behaviour?"

Near the end of the video, the woman demanded that he apologise, which Machaspize said he did.

"Two of her male family members forced me to, all together six people," he added.

Asked how the animosity between him and the woman came about, Machaspize said: "I believe in traditional values, especially regarding women. She does not like it."

He told Stomp he learnt about the video during his NSman in-camp training at the end of November.

In response to the video, Machaspize shared with Stomp his own video where he thanked well-wishers for their support.

"A lot of people said what was done to me was not right," said Machaspize in his video.

"I agree, but in the Bible, it is written that vengeance is mine. I'm going to leave it to God to decide their punishment."

He later added: "So I pray to God that, whoever attacked me, I forgive them in Jesus' name."

Machaspize also shared with Stomp another video showing an advisory he received from the police in August about a report made against him.

The letter said no further action would be taken against him, adding: "However, you are advised to be more mindful of your interaction with other people to prevent similar allegations from arising in the future."

Machaspize said in the video: "There's been many instances when men have been falsely accused of sexual harassment, molestation or sexual attack, but of the time, it's not true. As you can see over here, I'm a good case."

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