TikToker gets Pofma-ed twice in 3 days: 'I'm not going to apologise or get intimidated by nobody'

It must be some kind of record.

A TikToker was issued a correction direction by the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (Pofma) Office for the second time in three days on Sunday (Aug 20).

TikTok user dr.ishhaq.jay was earlier issued another Pofma order on Friday under the instruction of the Minister-in-charge of the Public Service, Mr Chan Chun Sing.

That was for false claims he made in a July 17 video that the Government can trace who you vote for in order to penalise you based on your vote. 

The Elections Department said in its corrections: "The serial number on the ballot paper is meant to protect the integrity of the electoral process. It enables accounting of all ballot papers issued and cast, and safeguards against counterfeiting and voter impersonation. Calling out the voter’s serial number and name also allows polling agents, who are observing the proceedings, to validate that the voters are listed in their copy of the register."

The second Pofma order was issued under the instruction of the Minister for Manpower regarding an Aug 12 video where the TikToker falsely claimed that no one among low- and middle-income CPF members who utilised their CPF monies to repay their HDB loan has met either the Basic Retirement Sum or Full Retirement Sum.

Both videos are no longer available.

The orders require the TikToker to create a new TikTok post containing a correction notice that states that the TikTok post contains a false statement of fact and provide a link to the Government’s clarification.

The platform will also be required to communicate a correction notice to all end-users in Singapore who had accessed the TikTok post.

After receiving the first Pofma order, the TikToker posted a video where he said: "I'm never going to stop."

He ended the video by saying: "I'm not going to apologise to nobody or get intimidated by nobody because I only answer to my Creator."

@dr.ishhaq.jay #singapretiktok #tiktoksingapore #fyp ♬ original sound - JAY i. Good Morning!

After receiving the second Pofma order, he posted another video in response, addressing the serial number on polling cards.

@dr.ishhaq.jay #singapretiktok #tiktoksingapore #fyp ♬ original sound - JAY i. Good Morning!

He said: "It was just questioning. I was not insinuating anything. I didn't say the Government did this and that. No, I was just questioning what was in the minds of the citizens for eons, for years and years. It's coffee shop talk. So I brought it out. I wanted to make sure the doubt is cleared."

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