The touching reason why S'pore grandpa is offering knife-sharpening services

Sharpening knives for a living is not your typical trade.

However, there is a heartwarming reason behind the knife-sharpening services that a grandfather in Singapore is offering.

Facebook user Amber Chong shared how her father recently agreed to come and stay with her family in Singapore, after more than 10 years of 'begging' him to.

However, as the elderly man does not wish to be a financial burden, he hopes to earn his keep by offering knife-sharpening services as a prerequisite.

"All we want is to have him here... it will be our dream come true," said Amber.

Amber's father, who will be in Singapore from the 15th to 21st monthly, will sharpen knives that are shorter than eight inches in length at a fee of:

- $21 for 3 knives
- $30 for 5 knives

You can drop off your knives at Amber's house (and visit the family at the same time) or have them collected from you for a fee.

For more details about the 'Knife Sharpening Service', read Amber's full post below or check out Feng Li Knife Sharpening.