Thai siblings pry open cushions -- only to make horrifying discovery

In a hilarious turn of events, a Thai family discovered that a cheap cushion which they had been using for the last two years was filled with shredded diapers and sanitary pads, after it started falling apart. 

Thai siblings, Neramit and his sister Chalinee Changlao, upon the startling discovery, pried open three more pillows, and found that all were filled with the same revolting contents, reports Coconuts Bangkok

All four were bought at the local Sri Racha market for THB50 (S$2) each. 

What’s worse?

The two weren't even sure if the pads and diapers had been used before they were shredded and stuffed into the cushions. 

Chalice then took to Facebook to warn others against buying cheap items as they could be unhygienic.