Stomper's 21-year-old brother to make his South Korean debut with boy band Hori7on in June

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His father is Singaporean and his mother is Filipino.

Ng Kim Huat, better known as Kim, is in the Filipino boy band Hori7on, who are set to make their South Korean in June.

Stomper Sonia, who is his sister, wants Singaporeans to know about her 21-year-old brother.

"Our father is a Singapore citizen and our mother is from the Philippines," she told Stomp.

"We are residing in Clementi. Kim hasn’t visited Singapore for some time now. However, I have been a resident of Singapore for many years.

"My brother, a half-Singaporean and previous resident of Clementi, is set to debut in South Korea as a musical artist and entertainer along with six other members of the newly named boy band Hori7on from a reality TV show in the Philippines called Dream Maker."

The show started out with 62 contestants, who competed until seven were left to form the group. Kim was ranked sixth in the final.

The Stomper said: "Our goal is to gain exposure for Kim in Singapore and to spread the good news that a half-Singaporean by blood is now a trainee and set to debut in South Korea after being a finalist on Dream Maker on his way to becoming the next global pop star.

"He will be representing Singapore and the Philippines."

Below is a video of Kim performing on Dream Maker.