Stomper unable to release sky lantern at Sentosa festival after paying $50: 'Event is a big joke'

Submitted by Stomper Marcus

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It was advertised as a "magical evening of lantern lighting and wishes in the sky".

But the first Singapore Sky Lantern Festival at Sentosa left many wishing they can get a refund.

Stomper Marcus was one of them.

"This event is a big joke!" said the Stomper, who paid $50 for admission to the Feb 21 festival.

He was looking forward to writing his wishes on his lantern and releasing it to the sky at 7.30pm, but there was a delay.

Then he got more bad news.

A message from the event organiser said: "Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are unable to release the sky lanterns with fire. Nevertheless, we are giving away a lantern, a pen, and an led light for you to pen your wishes."

The Stomper shared a photo of the items.

He replied to the organiser: "These things cost $50? We paid for flying lantern event ya? Not these pieces of joke!"

The Stomper wanted a refund and threatened to report the event as a scam to the police.

One commenter on the Singapore Sky Lantern Festival's Facebook page said he had already made a police report.

Others have also complained about the event online.

TikToker Sheryl Lim said: "Waste my time, waste my energy, waste my $$$! What super bad planning."

According to her video, the lanterns cannot be lighted as the Singapore Civil Defence Force did not approve the permit.

@sheryllim80 waste my time waste my energy waste my $$$! what a super bad planning !! #sentosa #skylanternfestival #fyp #sgtiktok ♬ Light - Jerome

In response to a Stomp query, the event organiser said: "The Sky Lantern Festival was still taking place with music at the same venue. Unfortunately, this might cause a delay for those who were looking forward to the sky lantern release.

"However, we want to prioritise the safety of our attendees and we were unable to release the sky lanterns with FIRE at the event.

"Instead, we will be providing a lantern, pen and candle LED light for attendees to still participate in the tradition of writing and to pen their wishes and tie their lanterns around the barricade to release their wishes.

"As for refunds, we are currently in discussions with our team and will provide an update within two weeks."

Hundreds of people attended the inaugural Singapore Sky Lantern Festival held at Palawan Green in Sentosa on Feb...

Posted by The Straits Times on Wednesday, 21 February 2024