Stomper impressed by new Larkin Bus Terminal in Johor

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Singaporeans travelling to different parts of Malaysia via buses may be familiar with the Larkin Bus Terminal in Johor Bahru as it provides essential bus services to places such as Penang, Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur.

On Jan 9, Stomper Marco arrived at the bus terminal only to be impressed by the new facelift given to the terminal. 

The Stomper describes the old terminal as "dirty" and even said that the roof had leaked on rainy days.

"The waiting area now looks more like our Changi Airport. The whole waiting area is air-conditioned and passengers can wait in the cool comfort," said Marco.

According to the Stomper, there are plenty of shops which sell food, drinks and snacks.

Marco added, "There are also money changers and mobile phone shops galore."

Previously, after purchasing tickets, commuters would only know what time the bus departs by referring to their ticket. 

However, departure timings of buses are now displayed on LCD screens in the waiting area.

Marco also said that there were occasional announcements made to remind commuters of the next bus that is leaving the terminal and to inform passengers to board at the designated row number.

"It seems that Johor has improved by leaps and bounds," said Marco.

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