Stomper creeped out to see people walking in circles around tree at 2 different places in Jurong

Submitted by Stomper Aram

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What are they doing?

A passer-by did not know what to make of what he saw at the Canopy@J Link in Jurong East.

Five people were walking intently around a small tree placed in the centre of the pavilion like they were performing a ritual of some kind.

Sharing a video of what he saw, Stomper Aram said: "I’m not sure if this is some new cult, a qigong exercise or Jedi force training.

"Or perhaps this is the tree of life and the old people are life force-sucking the hell out of it."

The Stomper also shared a video of the same curious behaviour he chanced upon several days later. This time, the people were circling a bigger tree in Jurong Central Park near Boon Lay.

"I see them often nowadays, sometimes a group of up to 20 people spread out over different trees," said the Stomper. "Creepy."

In June, a TikTok user posted a video of another group doing the same thing near Khatib MRT station in Yishun. The video has more than 677,000 views.

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Some netizens described it as a form of qigong while others said it is more akin to "baguazhang", another form of Chinese martial arts training.

But you definitely do not have to be a Padawan to do it.