Star of new gambling drama Kym Ng says she has never bought 4D: 'I'd rather earn an honest living'

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Sept 8, 2023

Local actress Kym Ng might have been convincing in her portrayal as a money-obsessed woman in local drama Whatever Will Be, Will Be, but in reality, she’s a stark contrast from that.

In a recent interview with Shin Min Daily News, the 56-year-old said she is more “relaxed” when it comes to financial matters. 

“Twenty to 30 years ago, I earned $4,000 to $5,000 a month as an air stewardess, and didn't have the habit of saving. I spent every cent I had and didn't have a cent when I lost my job,” she said.

“After I joined Mediacorp, I worked hard and didn't dare to spend, only buying a luxury bag occasionally.”

In the daytime drama, Ng plays Huiyao, who is married to Bishan (Chen Hanwei), son of Liu Dafu (Zhu Houren). Dafu is a patriarch who receives three lottery tickets one day and splits them among his three children.

When one of the tickets emerges as a winner, Bishan and Huiyao scheme to retrieve it for themselves.

In real life, Ng says she has never once bought a lottery ticket.

“I don't know how (4D) works. So of course I would never quarrel with my family over a lottery ticket,” she shared.

“I know earning money is tough, and we lose money nine times out of 10 when gambling. It's a waste and so I'd rather earn an honest living.”

Ng did admit that she plays mahjong once a year with her family and “usually loses” – but “it's okay to lose to family”.

Hypothetically though, if she does strike first prize in a lottery, Ng said she would continue to work, but also “travel, learn cooking and painting, and go on cruises in first-class suites”.

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