S'poreans visit JB, discover passports were allegedly stamped with wrong dates

A group of eight Singaporeans reportedly went to Johor Bahru last Saturday (Nov 4), but discovered that all their passports had been stamped with the wrong dates by Malaysian immigration. 

According to Lianhe Wanbao, the information was shared via a viral WhatsApp message, in which members claimed that their passports had been stamped with the date Oct 4, 2017, instead of Nov 4, 2017. 

What’s more bewildering was that all eight of them had been subjected to the same error, and none of the customs staff had noticed it. 

An accompanying photo also showed the original stamp, Oct 4, 2017, being voided, and overwritten with a new one, Nov 4, 2017. 

One of the affected members said that the group often visited Johor Bahru and he would check his passport diligently to ensure that there were no mistakes.

The person also asked members of the public to stay vigilant and check their passports whenever they enter the Malaysian customs. 

A guideline, he added, was that the stamp for entering Malaysian is squarish and blue.

In contrast, the stamp used when exiting Malaysian is red and triangular in shape. 

For Singaporeans who often visit Malaysia, do take note.