S'pore Mazda driver flees after sending Malaysia-registered Elantra spinning on SLE

A Mazda driver fled the scene after sending an Elantra car spinning along the Seletar Expressway (SLE) on Mar 11.

The incident was caught on another car's dashboard camera and posted on Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road's Facebook page.

In the video the Mazda driver of licence plate number SGT2097U attempts to overtake the Malaysia-registered Elantra that was travelling on the rightmost lane by driving on the road shoulder.

Driving on the road shoulder is a traffic violation for a good reason, the shoulder was not wide enough for the Mazda to successfully overtake the Elantra.

The Mazda hit the bushes on the side of the road before bouncing onto the Elantra again, causing the car to spin onto the middle of the expressway.

The Mazda driver then drove off as if nothing had happened.

Watch the video here.