Souvenir T-shirt seller flips sign to show higher prices in front of tourists: 'We just saw you do that!'

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Oct 27, 2023

Tourists will bargain everywhere they go, whether they’re at a Persian bazaar or a night market in Bugis. 

But to have the prices for T-shirts changed right in front of you? That’s next-level price gouging. 

A Twitch streamer, known as Andy or "Cooksux", was shopping for souvenir T-shirts in Singapore when the shopkeeper changed the prices by flipping a signboard over.

Andy, who was travelling with fellow American Twitch streamer Jake, uploaded a video to TikTok recently that documented the amusing incident. 

@cooksux How did he think that’s okay??? With @jakenbakeLIVE #cooksux #jakenbakelive #singapore #scam #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound - CookSux

It was not specified where in Singapore the incident occurred, though some netizens have claimed they were likely in Bugis Street. 

As the duo entered the shop and spoke with the shopkeeper, Andy asked if the shirts were being sold at four for $10 – as indicated by a sign on the rack. 

The shopkeeper then laughs and apologises before flipping the sign over – it previously read "one for $4" and "three for $10", but was changed to "one for $10" and "two for $15".

Taken aback by the sudden switch-up, Andy confronted the shopkeeper: "Wait a minute, we just saw you do that!.

The shopkeeper continues to laugh it off and then tries to explain that the sign was wrongly placed initially. 

In the end, the two parties agreed on a price and the tourists got their clothing.

Netizens, however, expressed their shocked at the shopkeeper’s actions.

"What? I'm a Singaporean and I didn't know they do this!" one wrote.

"What's the point of changing when they have already seen the prices?" another questioned.

Some netizens, however, felt the shopkeeper might have made an honest mistake.

"He probably just used the wrong side of the signage for the T-shirts," one said. "$4 for a tee in Singapore is beyond rare."

"Think he used that board for many things, hence prices on both sides. Might have flipped over by accident. If he wanted to cheat he wouldn't tell them," remarked another.

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