Snake spotted on road in middle of night in Sembawang HDB estate: 'Please be extra careful'

Submitted by Stomper Kayla

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A snake was spotted on the road in a Sembawang HDB estate in the early hours of Nov 25.

Stomper Kayla shared photos of the reptile slithering between Block 510B and Block 512 Wellington Circle.

"I was on the way home at 12.45am and sighted this python in the middle of the road," said the Stomper, who called the National Parks Board (NParks).

"They acknowledged the call and said would head down to the location ASAP."

The Stomper warned: "To those residents staying around this vicinity, please be extra careful."

Less than two weeks ago, a man was taken to the hospital after being bitten by a python caught near a Kallang Bahru coffee shop.

NParks advises that when you encounter a snake in a public area: 

  • Observe from a safe distance, as snakes will not attack unless disturbed or provoked.
  • Stay calm and back away slowly, giving it space to retreat.
  • Do not approach or attempt to handle the snake.
  • Leave it alone, especially if it is in its natural habitat. Call NParks at 1800-476-1600 if you need assistance.
  • Keep pets on a tight leash as they might chase the snake and frighten it.

Stomp has contacted NParks for more info.