Six months' jail for NZ sheep farmer who grabbed beer promoter's breast, then offered her 50 cents

A sheep farmer from New Zealand who was on vacation in Singapore molested a beer promoter before laughing and offering her 50 cents. 

The farmer, Jeffrey Bruce Shearer, 46, was sentenced to six months’ jail on Thursday, Nov 30) after pleading guilty on Nov 10 to the charge of outrage of modesty.

Shearer had gone to a coffee shop in Jurong West with his father-in-law at around 9.30pm on July 24, reports The Straits Times

They ordered two bottles of beer from the 39-year-old victim.

Shearer later ordered another bottle from the victim at around 10pm. 

He handed her $6.10 when she told him that the bottle cost him $6, saying that the extra 10 cents were tips.

The victim accepted it and thanked him.

Shearer and his father then spoke to the victim in English.

Although the victim did not understand them, she stayed put as she did not wish to appear rude. 

Shearer then grabbed the victim’s right breast forcefully. 

Deputy Public Prosecutor Chee Ee Ling said:

“Suddenly, the accused gave the victim a 'perverted smile', reached his left hand towards the victim's right breast and forcefully grabbed it. 

“The victim felt pain from the grab and she immediately pushed the accused's hand away."

Despite her reactions, Shearer continued his advances and continually tried to touch the victim who had to fend off his attempts.

She shouted at him, and Shearer simply laughed and offered her 50 cents, which she rejected.

The upset victim later told other diners about her ordeal and they advised her to inform her husband.

She called him and he alerted the police at around 11.10pm.

Shearer’s lawyer, Mr T.M. Sinnadurai, pleaded for a jail term less than two months or a big fine, adding that his client was ‘deeply remorseful for his action’.

He also added that the touch only lasted for a second. 

DPP James Chew, however, asked for Shearer to be jailed for at least six months.

Stressing that Shearer had caused the victim pain by grabbing her, he said:

"His conduct was chauvinistic and completely demeaning to the victim.”

District Judge Dorothy Ling, before handing out the sentence, said:

“A message must go out that service staff must be treated with respect.”

Shearer could have been jailed for up to two years and fined or caned for the outrage of modesty.