Woman slams Uber driver for not returning expensive hoodie she left behind, but does not respond when offered to have it delivered to her

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Stomper M came across a Facebook post in a closed group in which a woman slammed an Uber driver for not returning an expensive customised hoodie she had left in the car, but did not respond when the driver offered to deliver it to her personally.

The Stomper saw the post on the UGGroup Partners SG recently.

In it, a woman had called an Uber driver irresponsible for not returning the customised hoodie for her tula (baby carrier).

And, she mentioned that she had to make another one as a replacement due to the delay in having it returned to her.

The Uber driver soon responded and said that the hoodie was with her, and that she could deliver it personally to the woman.

However, Stomper M said there has yet to be any response from the woman.

"I have yet to seen any response or apology from the mother who labelled the driver irresponsible," added M.