Woman sits on road along Tampines St 72 , then blocks vehicles and yells at drivers

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Stomper Nelson was driving along Tampines Street 72 at around 3.50pm on Jul 2 when he saw a woman sitting on the road before standing up to yell at drivers.

In a video sent by the Stomper, the bespectacled women clad in a dress can first be seen sitting cross-legged on the road.

The vehicles in front of the Stomper's car slowed down as the drivers approached the woman and turned to avoid hitting her.

As the Stomper approached her, the woman suddenly stood up and went to the middle of the road blocking the vehicles in front of her.

She then walked towards a lorry behind Nelson's car and started yelling and gesturing at the driver.

The Stomper drove away and did not know what happened thereafter.

Nelson believes the woman is in her thirties.

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