Why craftsmen take months to build 'King of Hades' -- to burn it for 5 minutes

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Ever seen those giant effigies for Hungry Ghost Festival? The time and effort taken into creating them is not something people often take into consideration. 

Viddsee's documentary, 'The Ghost King', is a documentary about the papier-mâché art masters and the Hungry Ghost Month festival celebrates in Pulau Penang's Bukit Mertajam.

It talks about three men who sweat over three months building the giant 'King of Hades' from scratch. 

All that hard work just to see it burned down in five minutes.

There are many of the folk arts fading and disappearing through decades. But, some of them are still surviving.

Through the lens, D1 Production presents you, a story behind the traditional paper offering arts. 

See the beauty behind the disappearing Chinese traditional art in the film.

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