What Jolin Tsai thinks is most important in a relationship -- something she didn't have with ex-BF

Taiwanese singing diva Jolin Tsai ended her relationship with boyfriend Vivian Dawson recently.

Following the announcement of their breakup, she performed at a concert alongside Elva Hsiao, Angela Changm Li Ronghao and Dee Hsu.

According to Asian E-News Portal, Jolin was asked at the concert by the host about her thoughts on love. 

She then said that destiny was the most important when it came to romance. 

The singer told audiences:

"There is no time limit for love. 

"Looking at each other with chemistry is the most blissful." 

The host then said: 

"Now you have more time to bake cakes." 

Jolin promised she will release a new album soon and told her fans to wait patiently.