Van driver comes so close to running over elderly man -- but doesn't even realise it

A heart-stopping video shows how an elderly pedestrian had a close brush with a van that came very closely to knocking him down.

According to a time-stamp on the video uploaded by Facebook user Barry Seah, the incident took place on June 21. However, its location is unclear.

Seah said that the traffic light was flashing the green man and in the pedestrian's favour,

He added, "By the way, the driver does not know that he nearly hit someone down... yeah... it is that bad... If he sees this, all I want to tell him is please drive safely next time... and be aware of your road surroundings... We share the roads, my friends!"

Netizens have expressed shock over the close shave and near-accident.

Some also pointed out that this was why you have to always look out for oncoming traffic when you are crossing roads, even if the lights are in your favour.

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