Tired of living? Cyclist flouts traffic rules by dashing diagonally across traffic junction at Marine Parade

Submitted by Stomper Ba-na-na

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Ba-Na-Na was driving along the traffic junction of Still Road and Marine Parade at around 6.41pm on Monday (Oct 10) when he spotted a cyclist riding across the traffic junction diagonally.

The footage shows the situation from both behind and in front of the Stomper's vehicle.

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If you watch the video closely, you'll realise that many cars were turning at the traffic junction when he cycled past them. 

Maybe he was in a rush and needed a shortcut, but if you watch the second half of the footage closely, you'll notice that the cyclist wasn't cycling fast as well.

So if he wasn't in a rush...why did he do this in the first place?

"As you could see from the video footage, my car almost brushed off with the bicycle cyclist. This is very dangerous.  

"Moreover, diagonal crossing traffic junction is not common in Singapore, except in a few locations in CBD only.  I suspect that the cyclist could have been a foreigner."

We're thankful that no accident took place, but seriously, what on earth was this cyclist thinking?