Stomp intern helps gourmet food truck sell burgers at Raffles Place to raise funds for migrant workers

Stomp's bubbly intern Cindy made a trip to the Ocean Financial Centre in Raffles Place this morning (Jan 6) to help food truck Kerbside Gourmet sell karaage burgers and artisanal coffee to raise funds for migrant workers.

The event, a collaboration between Kerbside Gourmet and The Singapore Kindness Movement, aims to raise funds to buy meals for Chinese migrant workers during the Lunar New Year period.

Jan 6 was the third day in a row that the food truck has sold burgers and coffee to raise money. They were at the Ocean Financial Centre on Wednesday (Jan 4) and today and were stationed at the Matrix Building in Biopolis yesterday (Jan 5).

Prior to today's food sale at Raffles Place, we approached The Singapore Kindness Movement and asked if we could send one of our interns down to lend a hand with the fund-raising efforts.

They agreed, and Cindy then embarked on her new assignment.

Upon arrival at 10.30am, she was given a T-shirt by organisers of the event.

She was then briefed by food truck staff on her roles and responsibilities. Cindy was in charge of relaying orders from customers to the chefs preparing food in the truck.

At 11am, the eatery was open for business.

Our intern recounted her experience:

"I was tasked with passing orders from customers and packing burgers.

"At first I thought it was an easy job, but as the peak hour approached at 12pm, things got pretty busy and another staffer had to step in to help.

"At one point, I had nine burger orders waiting, and I had to concurrently take orders from customers and pack burgers into takeaway boxes.

"However, what made my day was meeting some kind and patient customers who did not kick up a fuss about the wait, and even said 'thank you' when I handed them their orders.

"I believe that no one is too old or young to show kindness and all Singaporeans can play a part in making society more gracious."

For every $15 burger and $4 coffee purchased from Kerbside Gourmet in the three-day period, $5 and $3 respectively went towards funding the migrant workers' celebration.

To encourage customers to show their gracious side, discounts of up to $2 were given to those who said 'please' and 'thank you'.

A spokesperson from the Singapore Kindness Movement told Stomp that the amount raised over the three days was in excess of $3,000.

Check out what our intern did as well as the reactions to the food truck and its cause in the video below.