S'pore youths allegedly caught shoplifting at Bangkok mall -- then have cheek to laugh and pose when being photographed by security

Stomper Vivi alerted Stomp to a post on Stickboy Bangkok showing what's believed to be a group of four young Singaporean tourists smiling and laughing after two of its members were caught shoplifting in Bangkok, Thailand.

According to the website, two young women in the group were first caught on camera stealing items from 'My Friday Shop' in Platinum Fashion Mall yesterday (June 17).

They left the mall thereafter but were tracked down at nearby shopping centre 'MBK' along with two other young men. The four of them were then brought back to Platinum Mall where their photos were taken by mall security.

A report on All Singapore Stuff stated that the women posed candidly for the pictures and kept laughing as they were being photographed.

Photos circulating online show the two young women smiling while holding up money and the apparel they allegedly stole. One of them even stuck out her tongue as her photo was being taken.

The two women eventually agreed to pay 5,000 baht (S$191) to the shop owner if the latter did not file a police report, reported Stickboy Bangkok.

Following the incident, one of the women then posted a photo of her that was taken by mall security on her Instagram page with the caption:

"MUG SHOT HAHAHA you steal 390 Baht (S$14) of clothes and they bring down all and make you pay 5000."

Her Instagram page has since been removed.

Images of the group have gone viral on social media following the incident.

Netizen Auk Thanima from Thailand, who was the one who shared the original images on Facebook, wrote:

"Shame on them! I have seen a lot of cases here but this is the first time the thieves were shameless and they came from Singapore!"