S'pore woman's $400 luggage damaged on flight from China -- but airline only offers $50 out of 'goodwill'

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Stomper Miss Khoo was sorely disappointed when she received her luggage at the end of her trip from China to see that it was covered with scratches and a large indentation.

However, upon making a report to Scoot on Feb 23, she only received a reply yesterday (April 13) from a third party, Charles Taylor Adjusting.

Miss Khoo recounted her experience to Stomp:

"Scoot Airlines damaged my luggage and just gave $50 to me out of "goodwill".

"I cannot even buy a 81cm luggage with $50! 

"A fragile tag was specifically asked to be put on it before departure and this was what happened when I received the luggage.

"Totally unacceptable service!

"Took 2 months to reply me when I already told them that I have not had a damaged luggage before and I don't know what is a Property Irregularity Report!

"My stance is, not every passenger knows what to do when their luggage gets damaged by the airlines so what we can do is just to report this unpleasant incident to the airlines when we get back from our holidays, right?

"They can't use this clause against us because we don't know the standard protocol as I've not claimed for any damages luggage before!

"Why do they use legal jargon like this? I'm not a law student or lawyer."

The Stomper added that she had only just bought her luggage from Eminent, a brand known for its durable cases, and that it had cost her $400.

She tried appealing but was told that "there's no way to appeal."

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