S'pore guy trolls woman on Facebook after she offers him sexual services

A woman who tried offering sexual services to a Singapore guy got more than she bargained for after getting hilariously fooled by him through Facebook messages.

The man, known as Faris, posted screenshots of his encounter with the woman on his Facebook page, which Stomper Ena alerted us to.

The woman starts off by introducing herself and asking him if he needs sexual and massage services.

They guy accepts, but little does the woman know that his only intention is to troll her.

He even hints that he is informing the police about this incident, and keeps insulting her intelligence.

However, these bits are lost on the woman, who simply keeps asking him to transfer money to her account to book her.

However, after he responds with a photo of an envelope with $250 written on the cover, along with Republic of Bodoh, the woman realises that she was taken for a ride.

View the gallery below to see just how the conversation played out.