Should these poor guys still be working -- in the rain?

Submitted by Stomper Fitzy

Construction workers. Probably one of the most hard-working, yet under-appreciated groups of people in Singapore.

Sometimes, there is so much emphasis on getting the work done, that it is done so while risking these workers' personal safety.

These were the sentiments Stomper Fitzy had when she came across a two workers working despite the rain at around 12.30 pm at Killiney Road today (Mar 30).

  Fitzy was on bus service number 139 when she saw the workers carrying on with their job while sharing an umbrella.

"They are doing their work with one hand and holding the umbrella with the other," said Fitzy.

"This is how workplace accidents happen.

"Without them, we can never find such nicely built roads. We should do something about such situations. 

"We are nowhere without them! God bless them"