Reckless young cyclist along Hougang Ave 6 was THIS close to getting knocked down by car

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A Stomper sent Stomp a video showing a boy recklessly crossing the road with his bicycle along Hougang Avenue 6 on November 11 at 1.56pm.

In the video that was captured by a dashboard camera in the Stomper's car, the boy can first be seen cycling across a zebra crossing and then attempting to cycle across the road when the green man was not showing.

He stopped his bicycle on the left-most lane of the road after realising that the Stomper's car was approaching him.

The Stomper swerved his car right to avoid hitting the boy. 

Said the Stomper with regard to what happened:

"The boy was a primary school student.

"His bicycle did not seem to have a brake as he had to manually stop his bicycle with his legs."