Maid left bruised after granny goes on rampage during dispute at Northpoint Shopping Centre

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A maid was left bruised after a dispute over an incident involving kids at Northpoint Shopping Centre turned ugly at 5.30pm on April 27.

A Stomper shared footage of the incident along with a photo of her maid's bruises with Stomp.

According to the Stomper, her son was playing with another child at the Kiddy Palace outlet in Northpoint when the maid noticed him snatch a toy form the other child.

She said her maid quickly pulled her son away and reprimanded him for doing so, and also asked him to apologise to the other kid.

However, the elderly woman arrived to carry the other child away, but continued staring at the maid and the Stomper's son.

So, the Stomper said she approached the woman to ask her if anything was wrong and to apologise to her.

"She simply ignored me, and brushed past me to kick my helper in the leg."

"She also kept trying to reach for my son, but my maid shielded him, and I then stepped in to shield both of them.

"She kept yelling at my maid and pointing at her.

In the video the Stomper sent, a man can be heard telling the elderly woman to calm down, but gets scolded by her as well.

The Stomper calls for security to help and Kiddy Palace staff arrive to speak with the elderly woman.

According to the Stomper, the mall's security also arrived and prevented the woman from leaving until police arrived at the scene.

"I even said to her that if she thought my son did something wrong, we can review the CCTV footage to see.

"But she was not listening to me, and kept pointing and yelling at my maid."

The Stomper filed a police report over the incident.

"I don't want to press charges as I feel bad since it is an elderly woman, but I also feel that I should warn the public about her.

"What if she does this to other kids as well?

"My son is 1 year and eight months old.

"Yet, the auntie still hit her."