Passengers evacuated after train fault between Bukit Panjang and Phoenix LRT stations

Train services on the Bukit Panjang LRT Line were halted this evening (Oct 26) at around 6pm due to a train fault between Bukit Panjang and Phoenix stations.

Stompers Aileen and Jeffrey sent photos showing a stationary LRT train on the track.

In one of the photos, the doors of the LRT were open and three men believed to be SMRT personnel can be seen in one of the carriages.

Stomper Jeffrey reported seeing an ambulance, a police car and a fire engine near the LRT.

When contacted, an SCDF personnel said that one fire engine and one Red Rhino was dispatched. Passengers on board the LRT had already been evacuated when SCDF arrived at the scene. No one was injured.

SMRT said on Twitter that train services resumed at around 7.15pm.