Passenger books cab to go to Beach Rd -- and even 'threatens' cabby with this remark

In an earlier report, it was mentioned that the rude message was from the cabby. However, another Stomper has clarified that the message was from the passenger instead.

A passenger had apparently wanted a taxi to go to Beach Road so bad -- that he even 'threatened' the cabby with a rude remark.

Stomper Naz was sent in the image to Stomp, which he says has been circulating on Facebook.

The photo shows a screenshot of a taxi booking with the note:

"Taxi stand. If you cancel booking your whole family die." 

Stomper Anonymous has come forward to say that the rude message was not from the cabby as initially reported. 

Taxi drivers are not able to input 'notes' on the Grab Taxi app, and the threatening remark was from the rude passenger.