Parent disappointed by the quality of food his 6-year-old child gets at day care centre

A Stomper is disappointed with the quality of food that his 6-year-old Kindergarten One child has been receiving at a day care centre.

In a telephone interview, the Stomper said that he first noticed that his child had been losing weight two to three months ago and has attributed the cause to the quality of food that his child's day care centre had been serving.

Said the Stomper in a telephone interview:

"The cook at the day care centre will mix rice, minced meat and vegetables into 'soya sauce water' in one container after they are prepared.

"Everything that is inside the mixture will then be served to the children.

"The day care centre has said that things are done this way to save on the amount of containers used to serve food.

"Sometimes the children will get rice that is burnt.

"My child has been asking me to buy bread for him in the morning as he does not want to eat the food at the day care centre.

Around five to six parents have expressed their disapproval at the day care centre's practice of serving food, said the Stomper.

The parents and management of the school have met to try to resolve the issue.