Ouch! Woman enjoys drumstick from Fajar Road food court -- until she gets poked by sharp pin

Submitted by Stomper Lee

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Stomper Lee was enjoying her nasi lemak from a food court at Fajar Road, only to get poked by a sharp pin that was embedded inside a drumstick in her meal.

The incident happened yesterday morning (Dec 5).

As it was a takeaway, Lee did not get inform the stall employees about what happened.

She told Stomp:

"I bought a $3 packet of nasi lemak from Koufu at Fajar Road! The stall was selling roti prata as well.

"When I was having my second drumstick, something poked my mouth and I was hurting.

"I pulled out a steel pin-like object as shown in the picture!

"Just sharing so that others will be cautious when eating their food!"

Lee described the metal object to be very sharp like a needle and without a pinhead.