Not your usual hit-and-run: Driver appeals for info on man who fell near car and dented door

We have seen many instances of appeals for information from drivers looking for other drivers who damaged their cars or got into an accident with them.

However, this incident is probably something you would never have expected to see when reviewing your dashboard-camera footage.

Lawrence shared a clip with Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Roads of a man who fell near his car and dented the driver's side door.

The clip shows the man tripping and falling by the side of the car.

He gets up, and after checking and dusting himself off, he proceeds to look at the car.

The man then walks away, all the while turning and looking back at the car he fell next to.

In the post, Lawrence said:

"I would like to appeal for information of a man who walked and fell beside my car on 01/11/16 at 10.38am at Cambridge Rd carpark, causing a huge dent on the driver door."