Motorcyclist in ICU, wife needs surgery after lorry allegedly knocks them down at SLE

A man took to Facebook to look for witnesses to an accident on SLE after his brother and sister-in-law were allegedly knocked down by a 10ft lorry at 7.32am on June 25.

The Facebook user who made the post, Mohd Rafie'e Hashim, said the lorry had hit his brother from behind on the extreme left lane near the road shoulder.

The post, which was made on June 25, detailed that the accident left the motorcyclist in the ICU.

His wife had serious injuries and a deep cut on her right leg, and required surgery.

"We are appealing for an eyewitness or to anyone who was riding or driving at that period of time who have a camera in their vehicle to please help to provide us with the accident footage," said the Facebook user in his post.

"We strongly believe this is an act of reckless driving and the lorry driver seemed unremorseful when it happened.

"The video footage is very important to us to help further in the investigation.

"We want the culprit to be severely dealt with and not let him get away easily with his reckless act.