Kudos to LTA warden for doing his job, but surely Police have special privileges during emergencies?

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A Stomper alerted us to a photo on Facebook showing an LTA warden taking a photo of a Police car that was parked by the side a road.

The hazard lights of the Police car were blinking when the LTA warden was snapping the picture.

While it is good that the LTA warden is doing his job, questions have to be asked with regard to whether certain traffic rules still apply if Police officers have to attend to an emergency.

Said the Stomper:

"LTA officer deserves a pay rise."

In November last year, Stomp published an article about an LTA enforcement officer issuing a summons to what appeared to be an LTA registered car.

Said the Stomper who alerted us to the photo mentioned in the story:

"Not sure where and when this happened, but all I can say is that the guy really 六亲不认 (meaning 'unbiased towards one's family' in Mandarin)."