Ghosts of past soldiers? Spooky figures spotted along Sembawang canal

A man wanted to take photos of the haze along Simpang Kiri Park Connector in Sembawang, but captured these creepy figures instead.

Thomas Tan shared the pictures he had taken on Saturday night (Oct 3) on Facebook. His post has since been shared by over 1,300 users.

He wrote, "I was thinking to take some photos with the haze condition tonight. This photo was taken at Sembawang Simpang Kiri at around 10pm.

"I was all alone, there wasn't a single soul when this photo was taken but look at the image carefully again.

"Scary sia! This isn't edited and it is a raw photo."

Netizens commented on how the figures resembled soldiers, while others said they looked like sailors.

One wrote, "Interesting that your camera can spot them. They are datuks, guardians around the river aka canal.

"You can pays your respects by offering them coffee kosong. Keep stirring the coffee and you may get a precious stone at the bottom of the cup from them. I got quite a few from them."