Friends meet at Jurong East void deck to study science... only to see another type of 'chemistry'

Submitted by Stomper EyesofSG

StomperĀ EyesofSG noticed this couple behaving intimately at the void deck of a block in Jurong East yesterday (Aug 29) at around 5pm.

The Stomper had been meeting up with his friends to study as exams were nearing, only to see "the other type of chemistry".

He told Stomp in a phone interview:

"They were not shy about showing their expressions to each other in public. Residents' corner, really?

"I was meeting up with friends who stay nearby to ask about a certain chemistry concept as exams are nearing. But we saw the other type of chemistry instead.

"We weren't supposed to be bothered by them, but their actions were too clear to be ignored."