Excuse me! Those tables and chairs at Chinatown hawker centre are not for you to stand on

Submitted by Stomper Chew

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Stomper Chew was at Chinatown Smith Street Food Complex on Sep 14, around 12 noon, when he saw a few individuals standing on chairs and table tops, unfazed by the obvious stares of passers-by and patrons.

Based on the photos provided by Stomper Chew, the woman with the blue overall dress stood on top of a table, while another person on her right and the lady with the maroon shirt both stood on the chairs. 

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Said Stomper Chew:

“Standing on chairs is bad enough, but some of them went on to stand on top of the tables.

"People around just looked on and shook their heads,” Stomper Chew added.

According to Stomper Chew, the group were cheering and talking about F1 Singapore. They also seemed to be distributing F1 tickets.