Elderly woman gets brutally beaten up by neighbour at lift landing

A shocking video posted on facebook shows an elderly woman in Singapore being assaulted by a neighbour.

In the video taken from CCTV footage, the neighbour can be seen leaving her unit and approaching the elderly woman.

The neighbour behaves aggressively and the elderly woman retaliates by hitting back. 

When the elderly woman tries to walk away, the neighbour goes after her and starts raining blows on her.

At one point, she pushes the elderly woman on the ground and kicks her repeatedly.

This is the description accompanying the facebook post:

"Brutal violence in a Singapore neighbourhood captured on CCTV goes viral online.

"Video released at 4pm, Sep 28 2013."

Included in the description were comments by the victim's daughter-in-law:

"My mother-in-law was brutally bashed up by her neighbour. She has been admitted to the hospital, and is under observation.

"The woman who attacked my mother-in-law has been arrested and will most likely be charged in court. She even assaulted the policewoman."

The second part of the video, posted by the victim's daughter-in-law on facebook, shows the neighbor's son and grandson coming out of a lift and watching while she continues assaulting the elderly woman.

This is the description accompanying the video:

"The attack started at 10.03am and ended at 10.21am. From the video, we can see that my mother-in-law was in terrible shock.

"The people who came out from the lift are the assaulter's son and grandson.

"This man does not even have the heart to stop his vicious mother from throwing a punch and a kick on my mother-in-law.

He should be considered as an accomplice. My mother-in-law was unconscious for a moment after that attack."

The victim's daughter-in-law also posted two photos of her mother-in-law's injuries, and wrote:

"These are the photos taken right after the incident. She is now under observation."

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