Elderly uncle caught beating red light -- but fellow driver explains why he hopes TP can give him a chance

A driver tried to help an 89-year-old motorist, but unwittingly ended up 'harming' him instead.

Facebook user BoOn VentuRa shared how he had encountered the anxious elderly man, who suffers from dementia and had lost his way home.

He said, "So I calmed him down and told him to follow my car and I would bring him back home."

Unfortunately, the uncle ended up beating the red light while tailing Boon's vehicle, and this was caught on camera.

In his post, Boon expressed feeling guilt for inadvertently for causing the old man to commit a traffic violation.

He appealed for 'the traffic police or the authorities to exercise flexibility and take serious consideration in waiving off his fine'.

"He didn't do it on purpose. He was afraid he might lose me along the way," said Boon.

He added, "帮人反而害到人" which translates to "Helping people but end up harming people".

Boon also shared two videos of the incident.

The first one showed him talking to the man, while the second clip shows the latter beating the red light despite Boon's hopes.

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