Toyota driver locks dog inside car to buy soap at The Verge -- then calls Stomper 'stupid' and 'ridiculous' after being confronted

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Stomper Justyn was at the carpark of shopping centre The Verge in Little India at around 3.30pm yesterday (Jul 3) when he saw a dog locked inside a Toyota with the license plate SFY1152K.

According to the Stomper, the windows of the car were rolled down half an inch.

Justyn and a colleague then went for lunch and noticed that the canine was still in the car when they returned to the carpark more than one hour later.

Said the Stomper in a Facebook message:

"The owner was sitting in the car without starting it when we returned at 4.50pm. 

"We approached the owner and she was unrepentant about leaving the dog there, saying she just went down to buy some soap for a while. 

"She said 'I left the windows only slightly open to protect my dog for stupid people like you'. 

"I told her that what she did was ridiculous. And she said 'people like you are ridiculous'. 

"I have reported what happened to the AVA."

Netizen Vikna Bhai came across the dog and the note Justyn left on the car. He took a photo and posted it on SPCA's Facebook page with the caption:

"The weather was so hot today and this uncivilised owner of this poor shepherd locked him in the car without any water.

"Will he do this to his child or parents? Just because the dog can't speak you did this?"

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