Don't overburden escalators by walking on them, says forum writer

A Straits Times forum article has gone viral across various social media platforms after it pointed out that people who treat escalators like staircases are overburdening the escalators. 

The opinion article, published yesterday (Dec 21), was written by Gan Kok Tiong.

He claimed that by "disallowing people from walking on the escalators", it will lead to "normal usage of the machines, which would help in reducing the frequency of breakdowns". 

He also said that right-handed commuters will then be able to hold on to the railings on the right without having to move to the left to make way for those wishing to "walk" on the escalators.

The article has garnered over 80 comments and is widely talked about on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Said one reader:

"I think we should go further and don't overburden escalators by stepping on them.

"Yes. we should disllow anyone from stepping on them.

"If no one steps on them, then they will never breakdown and no one will get hurt. A win-win solution for all.

"On a side note, stupidity knows no bound."